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Weekly Update: Issue 4, Week of May 25-31: Hurricane Season Concern, Surge Response, Vaccines, College Campus Transit Plans, and more

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Issue 4, Article 1

May 23, 2020


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced a dangerous hurricane season for 2020. For the fifth year in a … Read More

TxDOT Comprehensive Training Program: June & July 2020 Training Opportunities

Governor Abbott held a press conference explaining the latest Covid 19 news. The Panhandle infection rate seems to have turned the corner. Posted on 5/28/20

APTA invites transit managers to use the Pandemic Virus Service Restoration checklist as a handy tool. The use of UV lights for disinfection is growing among  transit systems. Several cases are explained. Posted on 5/28/20

Gov. Greg Abbott issued a proclamation Tuesday announcing additional services and activities that can resume under his second wave of re-openings Posted on 5/27/20

We are pleased to announce FTA Regional Administrator, Gail Lyssy, will join the TTA conference call on Friday, May 29, 2020. The FTA guidance on the Comparison of Emergency Relief funds with funds from the FTA portion of the Cares Act will be explained. The FTA guidance is attached for your review. Posted on 5/26/20

New York MTA has announced the test of UV systems to assist in the viral cleaning process.
The attached technical information provides details on the safety and electrical specifications of this unit. Posted on 5/22/20

For those organizations that plan to attend the 10am virtual Public Transportation Advisory Committee (PTAC) meeting on Tuesday, May 26 – please share with appropriate staff members. Click here for updated link. Posted on 5/22/20

Warning: Hand Sanitizer Left In Sunlight Could Start Fire Posted on 5/22/20

COVID-19 Update to Members from APTA CEO Posted on 5/22/20

Op-Ed: What Does Social Distancing Mean for Public Transit? Posted on 5/21/20

“The Governor’s office has prepared a clear update of which establishments will open on which date.” Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas Posted on 5/21/20

Mapping the Coronavirus
Outbreak Across the World
Posted on 5/20/20

Chinese doctors are seeing the coronavirus manifest differently among patients in its new cluster of cases in the northeast region compared to the original outbreak in Wuhan Posted on 5/20/20

When Do You Really Have to Wear a Mask? 3 Experts Share Their Recommendations Posted on 5/20/20

American Public Transportation Association Hosts 2020 Virtual Fly-In for Congress APTA members are urging Congress to provide $23.8 billion in funding for COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery. Posted on 5/19/20

CORONAVIRUS IN TEXAS: Gov. Greg Abbott on Monday announced his next wave of reopenings designed to restart the Texas economy Posted on 5/18/20

Greyhound requiring masks on all buses, launches new sanitizing efforts Posted on 5/18/20

Weekly Updates: Issue 3, Week of May 18-24, 2020: AVIPTADIL, Health Inspection and Transit, Transit Restart in Texas, and more

Robert T Babbitt PLLC
Issue 3, Article 1
May 16, 2020
There is no getting around the unusual nature of this pandemic. It is easy to interrupt the spread with cautious social distancing, … Read More

This is where all 50 states stand on reopening Posted on 5/17/20

Texas COVID-19 cases rise, governor’s office says more testing being done Posted on 5/17/20

Two pressing issues face each transit system during the reopen process. First, what were the most effective disinfecting methods. Second, what are the questions we should ask to make our systems relevant in the new situation. Both are addressed in the attached link. 4 questions transit agencies need to ask themselves in the wake of COVID-19 Posted on 5/15/20

Transit systems around the state are carefully adding services that had been limited. The following CDC guidance is targeted for those decisions. Posted on 5/15/20

The purpose of this tool is to assist mass transit administrators in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of this tool is to assist employers in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers.


COVID-19 Buyer’s Guide: FPTA has provided the following CTAA Buyer’s Guide listing of cleaning, disinfecting and PPE supplies. Posted 5/15/20

Every storm and hurricane season transit systems are critical links for safety. Many provide trips to safe shelters. These shelters will face new challenges this year. Covid-19 changes the manner in which we should transport to the shelters. It changes how the shelters should be prepared to shelter and isolate the visitors. Even the intake process will change. The CDC has prepared guidance on the new rules of engagement. The following offers cautious preparations for these new challenges. Posted on 5/15/20

CDC Interim Guidance for General Population Disaster Shelters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The gradual reopening of our state brings great opportunities and significant caution. We will learn how to make our communities viable once again, but we must be careful. The simple rules of six foot distance, covering for coughs and limited personal touching remain vital to our success. Another simple strategy is to move any function we can outdoors. Physical spacing outdoors is simply easier .Ventilation systems in hospitals include several features not found in a typical office. While offices become cleaner, the fastest solution is to move outdoors when possible. The attached article explains how this will be part of the new normal. Posted on 5/14/20

” The CARES ACT provided much needed relief for the participants in the federal transit program. It is already providing urgent relief. The next legislation HR 2869 has been introduced in the House. The distribution of these funds would give more discretion to the FTA headquarters.

APTA and SWTA have offered advice on the best method of distribution of these funds. The SWTA advice is attached. It reminds Congress that the formula funding allocation process offers the greater equity along many important considerations.” Posted on 5/13/20

House Bill Provides $15.75 Billion of Additional COVID-19 Funding for Public Transit Posted on 5/13/20

APTA, Industry Leaders Discuss COVID-19 Challenges and Need for Emergency Response and Recovery Funding Posted on 5/12/20

White House reviewing guidelines for reopening transit Posted on 5/12/20

FDOT Safety Risk Assessment Guide Posted on 5/12/20

The COVID-19 Pandemic – Public Transportation Responds: Safeguarding Riders and Employees – American Public Transportation Association See important APTA safety guidelines for transportation. Posted 5/11/20

Weekly Update: Issue 2, Week of May 11-17, 2020: Texas Reopens, NEMT, Unemployment, and more Posted 5/10/20

TxDOT 5339 Program FY2020 Urban Allocations Posted on 5/9/20

NYC Shuts Down Subway Overnight in Historic Move Posted on 5/9/20

FTA updated their FAQ’s from grantees Posted on 5/7/20

Effects of COVID-19 on Public Transportation Posted on 5/7/20

Thank you public transit workers from U.S. Secretary of Transportation Posted on 5/5/20

Airlines To Require Face Masks Posted on 5/5/20

Texas coronavirus death toll rises to 884 Posted on 5/5/20

Coronavirus model projects 134,000 deaths in US, nearly double its last estimate Posted on 5/5/20

Weekly Updates: Issue 1, Week of May 4-10, 2020: COVID-19, Sanitizing, and more Posted on 5/1/20

Gov. Greg Abbott to let restaurants, movie theaters and malls open with limited capacity Friday May 1, 2020  Posted on 4/27/20

The businesses must limit occupancy to no more than 25%.

The Governor’s Report to Open Texas

In response to COVID-19, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced on 4/23/20 that it will give transit agencies more time to meet the requirements of the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP) regulation.

President Trump announced on Thursday, April 16, 2020 the White House’s plan for eventually rolling back social distancing measures and reopening the country’s economy in several phases — depending on location.

The plan calls for three phases to reopening the country, based on the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in each individual state or region.

Opening Up America Again Guidelines 

U.S. Department of Transportation Issues Safety Advisory to Reduce Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Among Transit Employees & Passengers Posted on 4/14/20
United States Coronavirus (COVID-19) Tracker

Bus Operators and Transit Authorities – COVID-19 Guidance by Ohio Dept. of Health Posted on 4/14/20

CDC Issues New Guidance for Critical Infrastructure Workers Who May Have Had Exposure to a Person with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Posted in 4/9/20

Coronavirus Reveals Transit’s True Mission Posted on 4/8/20

Fiscal Year 2020 CARES Act Supplemental Public Transportation Apportionments and Allocations Posted on 4/2/20

Senate passes stimulus bill that includes $25 billion in emergency funding for transit agencies Posted on 3/26/20