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Chinese bus offers new evidence of airborne coronavirus spread: study

5 Long-term Implications of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Transit

Congress must provide resources needed to save America’s public transit in COVID-19 bill

There are many cities in Texas and Florida that are experiencing rapid growth in positive cases.

There are two strains of the coronavirus. The second is a mutation of the first. It does not cause greater damage to those infected but it is more transmissible.

The balance between opening a state economy and protecting the health of the citizens is challenging in the current environment.

Facial coverings are an important strategy in the Covid 19 battle. Governor Abbott has provided local governments with a critical tool.

The number of COVID 19 cases is over 7.5 million worldwide, with many cases undiagnosed.

The CDC Just Issued These Big New Guidelines About Coronavirus

Fauci says coronavirus his ‘worst nightmare’ and far from over

Governor Abbott continues to bring the state economy back to a new “normal”.

Coronavirus in Texas: UT is putting its 400 biggest classes online

Protesters’ anger outweighed their fear of getting sick

Governor’s Strike Force to Open Texas

Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak Across the World

China’s New Outbreak Shows Signs the Virus Could Be Changing

The gradual reopening of our state brings great opportunities and significant caution. We will learn how to make our communities viable once again, but we must be careful.

The COVID-19 Pandemic – Public Transportation Responds: Safeguarding Riders and Employees

US Coronavirus death projections

Texas Coronavirus Deaths up to 884


FTA Releases COVID-19 Guidance to Transit Agencies; Includes APTA’s Hold-Harmless Recommendation.

APTA invites transit managers to use the Pandemic Virus Service Restoration checklist as a handy tool.

New York MTA has announced the test of UV systems to assist in the viral cleaning process.

Op-Ed: What Does Social Distancing Mean for Public Transit?

4 questions transit agencies need to ask themselves in the wake of COVID-19

Transit systems around the state are carefully adding services that had been limited. The following CDC guidance is targeted for those decisions.

The purpose of this tool is to assist mass transit administrators in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of this tool is to assist employers in making (re)opening decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to protect vulnerable workers.


CDC Interim Guidance for General Population Disaster Shelters During the COVID-19 Pandemic

White House is reviewing guidelines for reopening transit

Effects Of Covid-19 On Public Transportation

NYC shuts down subway system in historic move


The FTA guidance on the Comparison of Emergency Relief funds

APTA members are urging Congress to provide $23.8 billion in funding for COVID-19 Emergency Response and Recovery.

The CARES ACT provided much needed relief for the participants in the federal transit program. It is already providing urgent relief. The next legislation HR 2869 has been introduced in the House.
APTA and SWTA have offered advice on the best method of distribution of these funds.

Fiscal Year 2020 CARES Act Supplemental Public Transportation Apportionments and Allocations

TxDOT 5339 Program FY2020 Urban Allocations

New FTA Frequently Asked COVID-19 Questions Released

Emergency Response and Funding